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Customize and select the insurance coverage you need so you only pay for what’s necessary and are able to reduce costs. No reason to pay additional fees for things you don’t consider valuable.

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Do it your way

Shop for plans online or speak with an agent who can help you find various types of plans. Schedule calls and select a preferred time to connect with an agent.


Take Advantage of Technology

Based on the information you provide, we help connect you with partners that will be able to get you the best quote possible. Some agencies may not cover your area or the type of consumer you are, so we eliminate those factors and only display partners that can fulfill your policy. We also gather intelligence to provide the most affordable or best fitting plan based on your needs.


All-In-One Insurance Shopping Site

View plans for any type of insurance coverage you may need. Whether you’re looking to get coverage for your vehicle, home or personal health, we got you covered. We can handle all your requests and make things simple on one site. No need to get insurance quotes from various marketplaces as we have all the same partnerships and pricing available here at SmartQuote.

How Does SmartQuote Work?


Our advanced AI, big data and machine learning technology takes the information you provided and systematically calculates, in micro-seconds, all of the best partners available and determines the best plans for you. There are many things that insurance companies take into consideration before giving consumers a detailed quote. Information such as location, age, driving/medical history, demographic conditions, and financial stability are taken into account to help find the best plans available for you.

Let SAM Help You Find Some Quotes


SAM has got your back when it comes to finding insurance. He will plug in the information you provide to calculate your best personalized quotes.

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